Do you identify as an outsider?  Are your interests or passions considered unusual or taboo? Do you struggle with not fitting in with your family or other communities you’re ‘supposed’ to resonate with? Are you an immigrant, foreigner, ex-patriot, or world traveller trying to make sense of where you’re currently living?  Are you adopted, or feeling a general sense of disconnect with your family of origin?  Do you have unusual gifts that tend to be misunderstood or even pathologized?

Outsiderness comes with an interesting set of challenges, and it can be helpful to have an ally to support you and to help you keep yourself in check.  Perhaps your interests aren’t necessarily bad or unhealthy, but are simply unusual— or special, or even extraordinary.  I work with a number of people who consider themselves outsiders for various reasons, and having a safe place to be themselves is incredibly transformative.  Together we sort out what health and sanity really mean to them, and we cultivate a non-judgmental space wherein they can explore their true identity.  

These are some of the common outsiderness issues I work with:

  • Feelings of isolation or shame
  • Ungroundedness or feeling lost
  • Struggles in finding meaningful connection and community
  • Overwhelmed trying to maintain a status quo that isn’t actually authentic to you
  • Identity crises
  • Culture shock and reverse culture shock
  • Feeling like a fish out of water

I understand that reaching out to a therapist can be challenging. You will be treated with the utmost respect and care throughout your process.  I'm here for you.