As amazing as our kids are, parenting is hard. I understand the highs and lows that can happen during this incredible journey.  One of my specialties as a therapist is in supporting mothers and fathers in conscious parenting, which includes guiding our children in ways other than the ways we ourselves were parented, doing ancestry work and changing familial patterns, as well as developing psychological skill sets and mindfulness skills to support healthy relationships with our children and families.  

Our work together addresses:

  • Conscious conception, surprises, adoption, accidents, and other karmic curiosities that brought you and your child together
  • Techniques for maintaining your health and sanity while raising young ones
  • Caring for your inner child while raising kids- especially when he/she is acting up (aka needing love and acceptance)
  • Art ideas for promoting attunement, balance, and healthy attachment in your home
  • Getting your parenting ego out of the way— contacting who your child truly is, rather than who you want them to become (which is often a response to our own young wounds)
  • Working through tantrums, power struggles, and other opportunities for crisis and/or connection
  • What to do when you realize your kids are in charge instead of you
  • How to talk with your kids about body boundaries, sex, drugs, and other tough topics
  • Noticing and transforming ancestral patterns, tendencies and addictions 
  • Learning how to play again

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