Each of us has been textured, broken open, and wounded by some of the events in our lives. From single-event trauma to ongoing trauma, from heartbreak to a compilation of a hundred ‘little’ things that we wished had happened differently, our potential can be deeply limited by these wounds. It is through exploring our own depths that we find our way. By honoring both the harshness and the beauty found deep within, we can recover and find a new sense of meaning in life. 

Trauma and Depth Work

A woman is a vast and complicated being.  We are not designed to heal, grow, or live in isolation or without meaningful individual and community support and mentorship.  However, our culture so often pathologizes asking for help, and assumes there is something wrong with us if we need help, guidance, companionship, or therapy.  I come from a very different paradigm.  I believe that asking for help, reaching out, is actually a sign of strength and resilience, and it is the the main difference between women I know who are struggling versus those who are really living a life that they love.

Women's Issues

I offer non-judgmental and mindfulness-based counseling for cannabis and psychedelic users. I support clients in maintaining right relationship with the substances they choose to use, including cannabis.  I am not coming from a "just say no" perspective, but rather am holding a non-judgmental and harm reduction perspective on substance use, and in some cases will support cannabis use as it can help with certain challenges, such as PTSD. My training and clinical experience in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) very much informs this harm reduction approach.  

Cannabis Use Support for Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety