I’m so grateful I found Alison; we’ve been working together over the past year. She has a warm and comforting presence. She’s grounded, patient, and understands what I am going through, which helped me to feel comfortable exploring my feelings. During our time together she drew upon her extensive personal and professional experience to support me at every step of my journey. Our work helped me make several positive changes in my life and today I’m happier, more grounded, and more connected to my true self.
— -J, 27-year-old male client
Alison is a wonderful counselor who has supported my personal journey through an emphasis on body awareness for grounding, artistic outlets for expression, and mental imagery for transformation. She encourages self-directed healing and is present with her clients in their experiences.
— J., 30-year-old female client
I highly recommend Alison to anyone looking for a safe, non-judgemental space to land & check in. I found working with her to be empowering, yet gentle. The somatic work I did with her was my first experience and was very impactful. I feel I came away with a whole new set of self-care tools that she led me in learning.
— -C, 37-year-old female client
My time with Alison was very enlightening and hard to put into words. She was able to help me through some very dark traumas and I’m not sure where I’d be today without her. She didn’t just listen and help but supported me in introducing myself to like minded people and groups in the area. Through these people, I’ve made quite a few friends. That sort of selflessness is very rare nowadays and I’m eternally grateful for her counsel.
— N., 34-year-old male client
When I found Aspenroots and Medicinal Mindfulness [two communities co-founded by Alison and Daniel McQueen], I was yet again back in a place in my life where I felt completely lost. I felt like no one actually understood what was going on in my life. Why have I had to experience these traumas while everyone else is out living a functional life being a “productive member of society”? After my first session with Alison and my first Medicine Song Community Breathwork circle, I felt safe. The love and support I felt was almost as healing as the actual foot work itself. I felt like there was something I could finally do to save my life instead of feeling like I was just being pushed along, hoping things would get better. Having a safe place to explore one’s inner self through the use of altered states of consciousness like breathwork, and to be able to discuss it openly without judgment has taken me on a journey that I never imagined possible. I have tried the hospitals; I have tried the psychiatrist and dangerous pharmaceuticals for years and nothing seemed to actually make a difference. It only numbed me and kept me from growing. Every day now its like I’m rediscovering who I am, who I was, and who I’m going to be. I want to thank Alison and this community for helping me to rediscover my path and I’m glad that they are all a part of this journey with me.
— -Z, 20-year-old male client
Alison has a warm, inviting presence that allows me to feel safe and supported. Over the past two years, she has helped me to heal deep emotional wounds and find solace in my body. I feel that I can bring all of myself into the room with her and am held with unconditional acceptance. In her own gentle way, Alison has helped me to heal my past and step into my power. I am forever grateful to have met her on my life’s journey.
— -D., 26-year-old female client