Cannabis Use Support for Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety

Cannabis is being used to treat a number of physical and psychological problems, and is also used as a tool for stress reduction and psycho-spiritual exploration. I offer non-judgmental and mindfulness-based counseling for cannabis and psychedelic users. I support clients in maintaining right relationship with the substances they choose to use, including cannabis.  I am not coming from a "just say no" perspective, but rather am holding a non-judgmental and harm reduction perspective on substance use, and in some cases will support cannabis use as it can help with certain challenges, such as PTSD. 

When cannabis users come to me, I work with them to develop a healthier and more intentional relationship with the medicine, as well as addressing other underlying issues.  This process often involves untangling from the cultural and familial shame which can come with medicine use, education about the social and cultural contexts related to drugs and sacred medicines, and a deep listening into one's intuition. My training and clinical experience in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) very much informs this harm reduction approach.  

Issues we can work with together:

  • -Cannabis use and misuse
  • -Maximizing the benefits of cannabis for treating PTSD symptoms and anxiety spectrum disorders
  • -Developing ‘right relationship’ with substances
  • -Intention setting and integration of experiences
  • -Spiritual aspects of cannabis and other medicines
  • -Developing skill sets for healthier use


Community-Based Mindfulness Practices for Cannabis Users:

In response to increased cannabis use in our community, Daniel McQueen and I have partnered to develop meditation groups and trainings for medical and recreational cannabis users. During the Cannabis Healing Meditation sponsored by Medicinal Mindfulness, participants will learn body-centered mindfulness-based practices that help alleviate the physical, emotional, and energetic tensions held within the body.  These practices, working synergistically with the intentional and skillful use of cannabis sativa, provide participants with an opportunity to find real and long lasting relief from difficulties in the mind and body that affect health & well-being. 

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